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Sunday, 2 September 2007

Riding the Waves II: 29 September 2007

Tantra workshop for men and women

Saturday 29 September 2007, @ The Forge, 12 Windsor Road Kalk Bay

On Tantra
Tantra sees the sacred and the sexual as one. Because it supports full presence with everything that we experience, it is a fast path to awakening. For most of us, conditioning and repression make it not so easy to be – and to stay - fully present in the moment – as the waves of our experience start to crest.

Bursting forth with life
Riding the Waves is a series of Tantra workshops in which we explore, experientially, how to ride our sexual energy like waves. If our awareness or our ability to be present with the flow of our sexual life force is blocked or limited, we tend to either get dumped by the wave (i.e. sexual intimacy is short and unfulfilling, even if it peaks) or we don’t even get on the wave.

The second in the Riding the Wave series that we started is inspired by spring. In all the cells in and around us, life is bursting forth – exploding with new color and aroma and shape. In our sexuality, spring inside is the moment when we follow our impulse, surrender to our passion, let go control, and let the wave take us.

The workshop
I invite you to come explore your wild, intuitive self in the next “Riding the Waves“ workshop. Elements of the day will be:
1. Active meditation and chi -kung to release the flow of kundalini (sexual /life force) and build it in the body
2. Tantra exercises to awaken and support your natural, wild spontaneity
3. Discussion and reflection on what enables and what blocks our wise sexual impulses
4. And again: an afternoon of immersion in the waves of sensuality through dance and movement

This is an intermediate workshop. If you have not done any Tantra work before, let’s talk and see if you are ready.
You are welcome to come on your own or with a partner.
The whole day is for your benefit and pleasure, and all experience is 100% your choice. I do, however, ask you to be 100% present.
My work is done with utmost respect for your being and your journey of awareness.

Shakti, the facilitator

I am a Tantra teacher and member of the Advait Tantra School While I have a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology, what I have to give has really come from deep surrender into the journey of awakening. I have a private practice and do workshops and retreats. My website:

The cost of the workshop is R450 pp. Your booking is secure once I receive your payment. Dress comfortably, bring a pillow and a blanket, finger-lunch to share – and all of most delicious you!

Bookings and inquiries
Shakti Malan 0833010399

How much bliss can you stand?


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