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Monday, 25 August 2008

Tantric awareness retreat 17 - 20 October

17 to 20 October 2008
Clearview Lodge, Broederstroom, 1 hour from Johannesburg,
Facilitated by Rahasya and Shakti

On Tantra

Tantra embraces the body and the power of sexual energy as a doorway to awareness. In our times, the ancient mysteries of Tantra are becoming available to seekers who are ready for a path of total integration.

The Retreat

You are invited to a weekend immersion into the mysteries of Tantra under the guidance of two experienced Tantrikas. This will be a weekend of devotion and surrender to the truth/ existence/ the tao/ the divine in all of us. We will take you by the hand on a journey of uncovering and moving through the projections, associations, fantasies and fears that keep you from accessing the spiritual power of your sexuality.

Who is the retreat for?

We expect of participants to have had at least one individual or group session with a member of the Advait Tantra School, or alternatively an interview with Rahasya or Shakti, as a way of selecting participants who are ready. This is an intermediate level course for people who are already on a path of consciousness. You do not need to be experienced in Tantra. You are welcome to come on your own or with a partner.

The Venue

The retreat is taking place at Clearview Lodge, a Bushveld retreat venue outside Broederstroom, which is less than an hour from Johannesburg. The lodge offers comfortable shared accommodation and group work will take places in a conference room with a magnificent vista over the bushveld.

The facilitators

Rahasya is the director of the Advait Tantra Yoga School. The school has teachers in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Shakti runs a Tantra practice in Cape Town and has presented numerous retreats and workshops. This is the fourth time we present the Tantric Awareness Retreat, and the first time this retreat takes place in Gauteng.

Cost, bookings and inquiries

The cost of the retreat is R2 500.00 per person, which includes facilitation, meals prepared for you and accommodation. Please note that numbers are limited and we expect this retreat to be very popular. Your place will be reserved once we have approved your participation and full payment has been received.

For bookings and inquiries, contact Shakti :

Cell: 0833010399

Participants' Reflections on the October 2007 Tantric Awareness Retreat

“I'm battling to find words to describe (my experience of the retreat). It certainly was one of the most amazing experiences I've had in a long time. The main reason is I broke through so many of my limiting beliefs. I feel as a result so liberated… The tenderness, gentleness, acceptance, openness and purity of our sharing made it so exquisite and safe for me to explore territories I never knew existed. As a result I feel I have a more intimate connection to the Divine and my heart has opened to loving at greater depths.”

“My mind has been opened to new possibilities. I was so blissfully blessed, and wish to continue on this journey with Tantra.”

“It was a divine and blissful sharing of simple love energy and I’m hugely grateful for the journey of the weekend and for every individual who was there that contributed in many and varied ways to make it what it was. It was a deliciously blissful time and I hope to see you all again on the next one!”

“I can’t tell you how wonderful, blissful and full of energy I feel (after the retreat). I can’t remember when last I felt like this. I am so happy without blockages, I feel like a butterfly in the air. There is a sensation on my skin… it feels like I can move mountains.”

On making love after the retreat: “(I found myself) making love slowly and just ‘allowing’ sensation and sensuality to gradually saturate my body. Once saturated; waves and ripples of blissful lightness-energy moving throughout my entire body; Smaller ripples riding upon bigger waves; Bigger waves being interspersed with calm blissful silence, then resuming again and again; going on an on; never seems to exhaust itself or getting tired of blessing me; making me giggle like a little girl and laugh like a boy riding the rollercoaster for the first time.”


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