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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tantra Training for Men and Women: Courses starting May

Tantra Intensive Courses
April – September 2009, Cape Town
Facilitated by Shakti Malan
Advait Tantra School

Get total with your life
Get total with your sexuality

The concept

The conscious practice of sexuality is a powerful way to get to the essence of who you are. It requires your total presence and willingness, in body, mind and spirit. That is why I have nicknamed Tantra as practiced in our school “Totality Therapy.”

Why is a conscious engagement of our sexuality so powerful? The main reasons are:
  • Our erotic impulses take us to what is unconscious or suppressed in us. When these unconscious or suppressed patterns are felt and accepted, we become truly present in the moment.
  • Sexuality practiced consciously takes us into a great state of presence – a blissful experience of being one with existence.

The courses

The courses give you an opportunity to practice some of the fundamental principles of Tantra systematically over time with a group of people. This will considerably deepen your learning and the integration of the practice in your life.

The three courses are based on the seven main objectives of my Tantra practice as outlined in The courses follow and build on each other; iis thus highly recommendable that you start with Level 1. All courses will take place in Cape Town.

The method

Tantra is a method rather than a philosophy, so expect the courses to be very experiential. The experiences will challenge you to go as far as you can – and they will be mountains of fun. We will use the following methods:

Active meditations
Breath work
Dialogue and enactment
Conscious touch practice
Movement and dance
Sound work
Collage and other creative modalities

The outcomes

  • An ability to stay present in any sexual encounter, totally open and willing for any level of sensation that passes through – without throwing off your sexual energy and depleting it
  • An ability to stay present in every moment of the day without using self-imposed strategies to hide from yourself or your own experience in any way
  • A growing capacity to love
  • Integration between your masculine and feminine aspects
  • Significantly increased effectiveness in all areas of your life
  • A creative, responsive rather than a rigid, defended relationship to your sense of who you are.

The Facilitator

Shakti Malan runs a full time practice in Tantra, the art of conscious sexuality. She has been running retreats and workshops for more than a decade. Her Tantra practice consists of private and group sessions, workshops, retreats, seminars and courses presented across South Africa. She has a Ph.D. (UCT) in Social Anthropology and depth experience in a vast array of Tantra and related practices. She is a member of the Advait Tantraschool; see For more on Shakti’s life and work, see and


Please direct bookings and inquiries to Shakti at or 0833010399. Places are limited and participants will be selected according to their readiness.

Structure and Times

Course contact sessions will be 3 – 4 hours each and will take place over weekends or on weekday evenings. Sessions will take place in weekly or bi-weekly intervals. Participants will be given tasks to complete at home.

The Three Courses

Course 1: The erotic and beyond

A course in six sessions
Tuesday evenings 7 April – 12 May
Fish Hoek Cape Town

Course objective

This course is a first and powerful step towards the freedom that Tantra offers as a practice. It requires of you to embrace both your fears and your desires in the realm of the erotic, and to feel the feelings that emerge from here. You will be taught techniques to process the emotional and mental patters that arise from the practice. The course can offer powerful release and healing from old experiences and expectations around sexuality. Expert facilitation will ensure that the course meets each individual where they are at.


Aim 1: Lifting taboos and suppressions

In the days when Tantra was only practiced as a secret mystery tradition, one of the first steps that a new initiate had to take was to break their cultural taboos. If you were raised a Jain Hindu, you would be asked to eat meat and drink alcohol – both of which are highly taboo in that culture. Breaking your personal or cultural taboos asks of you to face your biggest fears. In this course, we will engage our personal and collective taboos in a fun but challenging way.

Suppressions are all experiences that have become unconscious in you. Most often, these were experiences that were unpleasant or frightening to you in the past – emotionally, physically or spiritually. What we are not able or willing to feel completely in the moment, becomes trapped in the body as unconscious patterns that influence everything – especially our sexuality. We will work gently at touching these places and allowing full consciousness to return.

Aim 2: Embracing fantasies and desires

By paying attention to what you desires and fantasies are, you can integrate unconscious or hidden aspects of your being. Whereas lifting taboos and suppressions is about facing your fears, this aim is about saying yes to your desires. One of our dictums in Tantra is: How much bliss can you stand? Since many of us have been raised in traditions of religious austerity, it takes some individuation to embrace pleasure as a gateway to higher understanding.

We will encourage this individuation by exploring your fantasies and desires and giving space for them to be expressed in appropriate ways.

Aim 3: Integrating polarities

One main reason why we stay stuck in limited beliefs about ourselves is that our ego structures are bound up in polarity. Polarities split experience into opposites – what is desired and what is feared, what attracts us and what we are repulsed by, what we see as good and what as evil. These polarities are mostly unconscious in us, and as with fears and desires, they govern and direct our lives.

To go deeper in awareness of who we really are, it is important to find ways of processing these polarities. On this course, you will be taught tools to identify and integrate the polarities that limit your sense of yourself. In the process, you will develop a witness – the ability to observe the story of your life without taking it so seriously.

Course fee: R1 800

Course 2: The Inner Soulmate
Four sessions and two day/night outings
June – July 2009

Course objective

In our collective psyches the dream of finding the Soulmate moves strongly - that 'other' who will meet and fulfill me completely. And, as my teacher Rahasya says: “There is a real soulmate for each one of us. But that person is inside.” Inside ourselves we are both masculine and feminine. The lovers and loved ones that cross our paths are our mirrors for where we are in the inner relationship between male and female. They can also be a rich fulfillment - and embodiment - of our inner Soulmate.

The split between masculine and feminine in us is a primary polarity. A central aim of Tantra is the integration of this polarity. With that comes an experience of who you really are, in all your rich diversity. Paradoxically, as we embrace our inner Soulmate, a new fruitfulness becomes possible in our outer relationships.


Aim 1: Owning projections

The significant men or women in our lives are important mirrors for us of our other halves; our masculine side if we are feminine, and our feminine side if we are masculine. What we have not consciously come to accept in ourselves, we unconsciously project out on to others. Owning projections and accepting their gifts can be one of the most liberating, enlivening experiences of your life.

Aim 2: Meeting your Soulmate

It is possible to get intimately acquainted with your inner Soulmate. In this course we will do so through
• Shamanic journeywork and
• Gestalt role-play

Aim 3: Deepening the inner relationship

Once you have met your inner Soulmate, you can deepen this relationship. We will do so on this course through
• A live, experiential exploration of male/ female ways of being in the world
• Diarizing and sharing ongoing insights about the inner relationship as it unfolds during the course.

Course fee: R1 200

Course 3: Embodied love
A course in six sessions
August – September 2009

Course objective

When you have immersed yourself in the practices addressed in course 1 and 2, you are ready to work with sexual energy as a force of presence. The objective of this course is to get you ready to experience the full potential of your sexuality. This involves developing increased awareness in the body, expanding your heart capacity and practicing presence in every moment, including your most intimate ones.


Aim 1: Expanding heart capacity

With Tantric practice, sexual energy moves right up into the heart. Not only does our sexuality get infused with love, but our ability to love unconditionally increases significantly. On this course, your heart capacity will expand through
• Being guided into the depths of your feeling capacity;
• Tantric meditation practice that connects the sex and heart and
• Experiencing unconditional love in touch and presence

Aim 2: Developing presence in the body

The body is a finely tuned receptacle for awareness. Mostly in our lives, we treat the body as a functional tool rather than as the mystery that it is. In this course, you will deepen your presence in the body through
• Tantric breath work that utilizes the flow of sexual energy
• Sensual awareness exercises and
• Nervous system repatterning through touch to enable you to stay present and relaxed while experiencing heightened sensation.

Aim 3: Presence in every moment

When you get immersed in the moment, time comes to a standstill. Everything becomes luminous. Your heart opens. You feel everything intensely. Your identity becomes infinitely pliable and responsive. You can live without limits. In Tantra, we practice presence through Tantric meditations directing sexual energy with breath, movement and sound. This prepares you for full sexual presence in your intimate relationships. As a result, sexual intercourse becomes a profound experience of oneness with existence.

Course fee: R1 800

Tantric Practice for Women: A continuous course

A great new journey for women… beginning April 2009

I have often been asked to provide more regular learning opportunities for women in Tantric practice. Here they come!

Tantric Practice for Women

Tantra, the art of conscious sexuality, is a practice that has since ancient times been led by women. What has been a secret and mystical practice has now become accessible to seekers who are on a committed path of awareness. It is a special calling in my life to support women into the full flowering of where our sexuality can take us. The main elements of this work are:
• Understanding the unique qualities of female sexuality
• Opening to the flow of sexual energy/ kundalini through meditation, dance and breath work
• Unleashing blocks or integrating what has prevented this full flow through the chakras.

Working with the chakras

Tantra is a practice that cultivates awareness of our oneness with existence through sexual awakening. This happens through the opening of the chakras. Chakras are energy centers in the body where consciousness collects around particular patterns. Typically in sexual encounter, we send our sexual energy outwards. We may experience deep bliss for a while, but generally this does not last. With Tantric awareness, our sexual vitality starts to move up our bodies like a snake that uncoils, from the root or base of the body all the way up through the crown. Sexual energy moves from the first chakra up. This process is often known at the Uncoiling of the Snake (sexual energy or kundalini). For more on the unique qualities of each chakra, see

Many women have negative body memories from sexual experience. These can be from a range of sources, including direct invasion, inappropriate contact, painful or insensitive sex and judgments about the realm of the sexual. While engaging your personal healing journey in this realm will be intensified by private sessions with me, the continuous course will create a space for us to collectively and individually release and integrate past inhibiting memories. For more on my approach to this work, see

A continuous course

From April this year, I will be running an ongoing course on Tantra for women. The course will consist of regular mini workshops in which we will systematically work through the chakras. There will be three or four workshops per chakra. Each workshop will be an exploration of a specific element of women’s sexuality related to that chakra.

You will benefit most from the mini workshops if you attend them from the beginning. However, the workshops will be structured in such a way that you can attend any workshop at any stage (that is, you can enter and exit the process as it suits you.) I will advertise each workshop in a separate mail as well.

Growing with other women

This continuous course will create a space for fluid community and support amongst women. We learn from each other and share in our experiences. The unfolding of our personal awareness can be deepened significantly through regular practice in a conscious group context.


The kinds of methods I use are:
Breath work
Guided meditations
Group discussions and sharing
Shamanic journeywork
Body tracking
Collaging, journaling and other creative expressions
Movement and dance

The methods will be an encouragement of the subtlety in women’s sexuality. The focus is on the movement of sexual energy in your own body; on getting to know your own body, and becoming attuned to how energy moves through you.

April/May workshops

Dates: Saturday mornings
Times: 10 am – 1pm
Place: The Outer Robe Bree Street Cape Town Central
Cost: R300pp per workshop

Saying yes to the body
Saturday 4 April 10am

The first chakra will only open when we say yes to being embodied, to being on the planet in a body. We women often view our own bodies critically. In this workshop, you will learn ways of coming to love your body. We will also begin to experience how sexual energy moves in a woman’s body trough working with the perineum and movement in the

Embracing desire
Saturday 18April 10 am

The flow of our sexual energy starts at the root or first chakra, which is the seat of our desire. In its primal form, this energy is raw sexual desire, our primary eroticism. In order to practice Tantra, it is essential that we first embrace our dragon fire – our capacity for desire. In my experience, women often suppress or deny this quality of our sexuality. In this workshop I invite you to a fun exploration of your eroticism. With it with come a flourish of new life force available to you.

Cosmic sexuality: connecting to the earth
Saturday 2 May 10am

Women’s sexuality has a cosmic quality to it. It is elemental. It rises up in our bodies through the earth. Come discover and celebrate the flow of this energy with me in a morning of dancing and breath meditation.

Accepting your death Saturday 16 May 10am

One of the main factors that block our flow in the first chakra is our survival fear. If you are staying in a relationship because you are afraid of not being able to provide a livelihood for yourself outside of it, this factor will impact on your first chakra sexual energy. At the root of it, all our survival fears relate to the fear of death. There is a beautiful Tantric meditation that helps us to accept and embrace the inevitable passing of things. This will be the focus of our workshop. As you come to accept death, you are ready to be fully alive.


To book your place on any/all of these workshops, contact Shakti at or 0833010399