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Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Tantric Shaman Retreat 29 - 31 January 2010

This retreat is meant for those of you who have had some immersion in Tantric practice (at least one course or two retreats attended.) It is an exploration in practice of the link between Tantra and Shamanism. Tantra is a tool for awakening using all aspects of our life, including our sexuality. The purpose of Tantra is to take us through all illusions into a full realisation of who we really are. Shamanism has a similar aim but uses different language and methods.

The shaman, or spirit medium, uses rituals involving the elements (earth, water, fire, air) to guide members of the tribe through limited perceptions of themselves into a realization of their connection with Spirit/ all that is. These rituals often involve various forms of trance or the deliberate inducement of altered states of consciousness. The purpose of trance is to help us see through the dream of our 'reality' that we get so attached to. The shamanic path has been a key element in my journey as a Tantrika, and I would like to share this with those of you who are ready.

The aim of the weekend is to introduce you to the Tantric Shaman in yourself. We will explore various subtle to strong ways of opening to trance, using
elemental exploration
animal spirit embodiment and
R1000 facilitation fee
Accommodation costs per night according to your choice:

* Cabin R270 pppn
* Tent R180 pppn
* Camping R110 ppp (Own tent and bedding)

Meals shared amongst us

Bookings and enquiries to or 0833010399. Once I have confirmed that you are eligible for this retreat and your accommodation has been defined, you can do payment into my account:

Dr. S. Malan
Standard Bank current account
Merriman Square branch (02-11-09-00)
Account number: 073152811


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