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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Tantric Love Retreat
20 - 23 May 2010
Shakti Malan and Stephen Tredrea
Oceans Echo Villa, Fish Hoek

Sex is the seed
Love is the flower
Compassion is the fragrance
- Osho


Tantra is a collective name used for the ancient mystery practices that access, channel and catalyze sexual energy as a force of awakening. These practices have now become available to us, and opening to their gifts can happen remarkably quickly with the guidance of experienced Tantrikas.

The practice of Tantra invites you to be fully alive, without judgment or suppression of anything that is in your life. It beckons you into a state of unconditional love, where existence itself becomes the beloved. It opens your heart and your being to the presence of your sexual beloved in blissful, transformative meditation.

Tantric Love Retreat

The Tantric Love Retreat is an opportunity for you to become acquainted with, and drink deeply from, the well of experience that is Tantra. The quote above from the great Tantric master Osho captures the essence of the Tantric Love Retreat. First we awaken the raw fire of our vital life force or sexual energy. Then we guide this energy up the body, where it touches the heart and becomes a force of love. From there, this energy, which we call Kundalini, rises up further through your being until its fragrance fills you with the knowing that you are one with all that is.

The retreat is structured to accommodate both newcomers and those of you who have already started your exploration of Tantra. If you have a deep commitment to awakening, and if you are willing for profound transformation of your reality and your sense of yourself, then this retreat is for you. You are welcome on your own or with a partner, and persons of all sexual orientations are invited.

The theme of this retreat points to two essential elements of Tantric practice:
  • Awakening the fire of your sexual energy or vital life force and
  • Refining the quality of your sexual energy into the nectar of divine love.
The objectives of the retreat are:
  • To awaken and release the flow of your sexual energy into the flame of presence
  • To free up your capacity for feeling, experience and sensation
  • To deepen your capacity for love
  • To assist you in integrating dualities that keep your energy and your sense of yourself in limited expression
  • To introduce you to methods and techniques that connect sexual and heart energy
  • To refine your sensitivity and awareness of energy and the presence of the other
  • To increase your ability to direct sexual energy as a force of awakening
  • To welcome the inner lovemaking that happens when we open up to the unique expressions of feminine and masculine energies in ourselves and in each other
The challenge of Tantra is: How much bliss can you stand? This retreat is an opportunity for you to explore further - how much are you willing to let yourself feel? Are you willing to feel your raw instinctual power? Are you willing to feel all your emotions and sensations without judgment and suppression? Are you willing to increase your capacity to stand the bliss of subtlety? Are you ready to start feeling the blue flames of tantric presence ripple over your skin? Are you ready to let every breath become an act of love?


For this we will use a combination of Tantric methods:
active meditations
dance and movement
breath work
sound work
tantric meditations
sensory exploration
touch sensitivity training

Shakti and Stephen, the presenters

Shakti Malan is presenting this retreat and will be assisted by Stephen Tredrea. We are both members of the Advait Tantraschool ( Shakti is a dakini (female tantra teacher) with a full and lively practice based in Cape Town and has been running retreats across South Africa. She has extensive experience in retreat facilitation and a deeply lived understanding of Tantric work. She holds Ph.D. in Sosial Anthropology. For more on Shakti's work and approach, see and Stephen is a daka (male tantra teacher) who beautifully embodies in his life and work the right approach of the masculine towards the feminine. For more on Stephen, see

The venue

Balcony view of the entire bay

Ocean Echo Luxury Villa is a place of breathtaking beauty. This villa with has glass windows on all sides looking out onto nothing but endless ocean. While giving us this nourishment of unbridled nature, Ocean Echo also provides us with total privacy and stylish luxury. And all of this without hardly having to travel to get there (for Capetonians, and for visitors from elsewhere, only a flight away)!

Cost and bookings

Cost: R2 850 includes facilitation fees and three nights' luxury accommodation. Food is prepared amongst us. Please note that this is a residential retreat with room for a maximum of 12 participants, so book early to avoid disappointment.

All bookings with Ahrian

Please contact Shakti at if you have any questions.

To confirm your booking, please deposit payment* into the following account:

Dr. S. Malan
Standard Bank current account
Merriman Square branch (02-11-09-00)
Account number: 073152811

*Please talk to me about a payment plan if you are not able to pay in one go.

With love

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sexuality and Consciousness Educators Conference

Second Annual African
Sexuality and Consciousness Educators Conference
3 - 5 December 2010
Kalk Bay, Cape Town

Conference aim

This conference is an opportunity for networking, sharing and support amongst African and international participants who are either working in, or interested to work in the fields of sexuality and consciousness. Last year's conference produced some cutting edge, rare presentations and invaluable networking and exchange between professionals and students directly involved with sexuality as a vehicle for consciousness. This year, we are hoping to include a broader range of participants from fields including large group consciousness training programmes, sexual psychology, sexual health counciling, meditation and yoga teaching, African traditional healing and the arts in all their expressions.

The conference is arranged by South African delegates in collaboration with BabaDez from Sedona Temple in Arizona. Costs of participation range from R830 - R1 800.For details please visit All information on costs and booking procedures can be found on this link.

Call for papers

We are calling for presenters to send paper proposals to the conference organizer (see details below.) As proposals get accepted, they will be reflected on this page. So please visit regularly to get updates on conference news.

Venue: The Forge, 12 Windsor Rd Kalk Bay

This year's conference will be held in the historic and pictoresque fisherman's village of Kalk Bay. Kalk Bay and environs is home to many of Cape Town's bohemians, free intellectuals, dancers, meditators, yogis, etc. The streets are lined with fabulous coffee shops and eateries looking out over a splendid ocean.

Kalk Bay

Kalk bay

Places to Stay

We have reserved the magnificent Ocean's Echo villa in nearby Fish Hoek for the dates of the conference and Dez's training afterward. Preference will be given to participants who also attend the training. Cost is R360 per day. Book early to avoid disappointment. Bookings with Sharon Devantier:

Balcony view of the entire bay

Go have a look at to see all the accommodation options that are within easy walking distance of the conference venue.

For lovely affordable accommodation in nearby Fish Hoek, see
The Berry Basket

Kommetjie, a bit off the beaten track (and not on the railway line):

Backpackers close to Muizenberg surfer's beach (and 5 minutes from the conference by train)

For an unusual, eco-friendly option: B&B accommodation in a cob house in Muizenberg:

Last year's conference

Here are some you-tube clips of talks from last year's conference:

Shakti- Releasing Sexual Trauma

Shakti- How Much Bliss Can You Stand

Rahasya- About Dakinis

Shima: Tantra on the seat of your pants


Conference organizer: Dr Shakti Malan, 0833010399
Booking conference attendance: Sharon Devantier:
If you would like to do a presentation contact Shakti: 0833010399

Banking details

The SA banking details for this conference are:

Dr S M Malan
Standard Bank Savings Account
Account Number 076735117
Fish Hoek Branch, code 036008

Please note that conference registration can be done at

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Inner Soulmate

Four sessions and two day/night outings
26 April - 31 May

Course objective

In our collective psyches the dream of finding the Soulmate moves strongly - that 'other' who will meet and fulfill me completely. And, as my teacher Rahasya says: “There is a real soulmate for each one of us. But that person is inside.” Inside ourselves we are both masculine and feminine. The lovers and loved ones that cross our paths are our mirrors for where we are in the inner relationship between male and female. They can also be a rich fulfillment - and embodiment - of our inner Soulmate.

The split between masculine and feminine in us is a primary polarity. A central aim of Tantra is the integration of this polarity. With that comes an experience of who you really are, in all your rich diversity. Paradoxically, as we embrace our inner Soulmate, a new fruitfulness becomes possible in our outer relationships.


Aim 1: Owning projections

The significant men or women in our lives are important mirrors for us of our other halves; our masculine side if we are feminine, and our feminine side if we are masculine. What we have not consciously come to accept in ourselves, we unconsciously project out on to others. Owning projections and accepting their gifts can be one of the most liberating, enlivening experiences of your life.

Aim 2: Meeting your Soulmate

It is possible to get intimately acquainted with your inner Soulmate. In this course we will do so through
• Shamanic journeywork and
• Gestalt role-play

Aim 3: Deepening the inner relationship

Once you have met your inner Soulmate, you can deepen this relationship. We will do so on this course through
• A live, experiential exploration of male/ female ways of being in the world
• Diarizing and sharing ongoing insights about the inner relationship as it unfolds during the course.

Course fee: R1 200