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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Workshops this Monday and Tuesday in Portland, Oregon

Releasing Sexual Trauma through Presence

Monday 5 July 2010 Portland
10 am - 5pm
Cost: $100

by Dr Shakti Malan

Sexual trauma

Sexual trauma can occur through the subtlest of means. Its impact on our individual lives and on society is vastly underestimated. It is an area of work in which I have extensive experience, both in individual and group contexts. This workshop brings you my my approach to working with sexual trauma and on how I listen to the songs being sung by these old wounds.

Is sexual trauma caused only be sexual touch? What about the impact of sexual innuendo and emotional incest? What is the impact of sexual trauma at various stages of our lives?

Sexual trauma memories are often held in the unconscious. Here we take a good look at how these unconscious memories make themselves known - through body/celllular memory, through associations in sexual life and through erotic fantasy. When we recognize these ways in which the body reveals its stories, we can encourage the old songs to be sung so that what was denied, can now be accepted and integrated into the body. An excellent tool for working with the body's response to trauma memory is following the rhythm of contraction and expansion that happens in the nervous system when old trauma gets touched. I discuss how I do this in practice, and teach you practices to do so yourself.

The Tantric response

The practice of Tantra asks of us to be total - to be willing to feel every emotion that arises, to sit in the fire of sometimes unbearable sensation. When we can be with the body's wise response in patience and totality, a deep integration happens in us. We find our "NO". We find our "YES." We honour our past stories and let them go. We come closer to the realization of who we really are.
We open up to a new song. Our desire flows in free, but healthy, ways.

What we you will learn on the workshop

* Tantric understanding of sexual trauma and healing
* Experiential introduction to methods you can use to assist yourself and beloveds in releasing sexual trauma
* An appreciation for the release that can be done with the assistance of a Tantrika

Who is the workshop for

Seekers of truth who desire to live in the fullness of who you are. This includes

* Persons searching for sexual healing
* Partners, friends and beloveds of those who are ready for sexual trauma release
* Healers and practitioners wanting to work with sexual healing and
* Any sincere seekers interested in the field of sexual healing.

Bookings and directions: Contact Erin

Uncoiling the Snake
A Tantra Workshop for Women
Tuesday 6 July 10 am - 2pm Portland
Cost $40

This workshop is an opportunity for women to receive direct, hands-on support in

* clearing blocks in our chakras and
* opening the flow of kundalini through our bodies.

Kundalini is our vital life force or sexual energy, which resides at the base of our energetic body around the genitals. For most of us, this energy force stays asleep all our lives. It is possible for our sexual energy to wake up and start to move up our chakras. When this happens, it comes a force supporting our awakening into unity consciousness. When this energy wakes up in women, it follows particular pathways that are different from the way it moves through a man's body. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce you, through gentle breathwork and relaxing movement, to feel into the natural flow of our femal sexual power as it uncoils and starts to move up the chakras.

When our sexual power as women starts to wake up, it becomes a tremendous force in us. It pushes up against the places where we still hold suppressions, and it opens us to the unknown. It is wise and helpful to have an experienced guide to help initiate you into this awakening.

Bookings and directions: Contact Shakti

Shakti Malan (Ph.D)

Shakti is a professional Dakini (female Tantric teacher) based in Cape Town, South Africa. Her work is infused with and inspired by the raw, catalytic potency of Africa. She holds a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology and worked with indigenous African communities for many years. Through a shamanic process in 2001, her intensive initiation as Tantrika started. This initiation was completed when she met Rahasya, her teacher. Shakti is a member of the Advait Tantraschool ( She has a full and lively practice that includes session work, workshops and retreats.She has extensive experience in retreat facilitation and a deeply lived understanding of Tantric work. The main aim and passion of Shakti's work is to catalyze awakening into full realization through the opening of (sexual) vital life force. Shakti also has a deep commitment to enabling the flow of unconditional love on the planet. Strong focus areas of Shakti's work are: the releasing of suppressions and repressions, the use of eroticism to integrate what is in the unconscious, the integration of dualities in the psyche, the flowering of female sexuality and merging with the inner soulmate. For more on Shakti's life and work, see and


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