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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Dophin Love Adventure 10- 13 March 2011

Dolphin Love Tantric Dolphin Retreat
by Shakti Malan and Courtney Ward
organized by Halo Gaia Holistic Travel

10 – 13 March 2011, (extra night optional)

Ponta Malangane, Mozambique


I believe that dolphins have come to earth as an embodiment of unconditional love. They celebrate their desire in continuous, finely attuned sensual flow. They flow in and out of the ocean's changing rhythms with playful delight. They love without limits. And they make love, a lot.

It is my encounter with the bottle nose dolphins of Southern Mozambique that lead me, ten years ago, to the path of Tantra. Swimming with them at the bottom of the bright ocean, I felt like I never had to come up for air again. I got immersed in the power of love. Swimming in love, who ever needs to breathe air again? Their sound traveling through the waters of my body changed my resonance so profoundly that I had no choice, really. I left behind a life and opened to the work I was called for: Sharing the wisdom of Tantra

Tantra is an ancient mystery tradition that regards the body and embodied, sensual love as a gateway to awakening. Tantrikas share this understanding with dolphins. Therefore I find it very fitting to have a Tantric Dolphin Retreat at Ponta Malangane, ten years after my first encounter.

Halo Gaia is a company, lead by Courtney Ward, that approaches the dolphins with such love and skill that it never feels like an imposition to swim with them. If the dolphins want to swim with us, we will. If they are busy, we won't interfere. Either way, you will love the experience.

Dolphin Love Retreat

In this retreat, we will explore the following dimensions of dolphin reality.

1. Conscious breathing

Every breath that a dolphin takes, is consciously chosen. If a dolphin gets anethesized, the chances are that (s)he may die. Even while sleeping, dolphins have half their brain functioning, enabling them to keep consciously choosing their breath. Breath is prana, life force. The breath is the first caress that enters us, the first experience of being loved from deep inside. Imagine what it could be like if you could learn to open to your own breath as a touch of the Beloved, Existence, all that is. Imagine being able to share such presence with another. On this retreat, I will teach you how. And we will take this presence with us to the dolphins.

2. Love embodied

As human beings, our ability to love ourselves and to love others is often constricted by our unconscious fears, associations and repressions. Dolphins invite us to rediscover the real of pure, innocent love, met and celebrated in the body.

3. Feeling the flow

Our ability to flow in life gets inhibited by the body armoring we carry around us. Body armoring is emotional protection
that makes us numb or defended against the touch of another. While in some situations, such as in a business meeting, this armoring may serve us, too many of us walk around with permanent armoring, which limits our ability to feel the real of the moment, the touch of life. Dolphins live in the constantly changing flow of life. With some facilitated preparation, we can go meet them in the oceans, armored only with the power of the open heart.

4. Open to desire

I have personally witnessed numerous encounters of dolphins coming to meet humans without judgment, and with a fine attunement as to what each person needs. Despite their unconditionality, dolphins never do anything that does not flow from their own authentic desire. I will invite you on this retreat to open to yours.

What will we be doing?

  • conscious breath work
  • guided meditations using breath, sound and movement
  • blissdance and other movement meditations
  • conscious work with kundalini, our sexual energy or vital life force

Who is the retreat for?

This retreat is suitable for all committed seekers whose greatest desire it is to wake up to the fullness of love, or the truth of who we really are. This journey takes courage, the courage to leave behind what is no longer true, and to meet love in unexpected ways. If you are a spiritual warrior with a strong heart and the willingness to face your unconscious fears, then come. Though we will be working with the energy of sexuality, there will be nothing overt about the retreat, and we will remain fully clothed for this occasion. Our hearts, however, may dance in the naked oceans.

You are welcome to come as an individual or with a partner.
Some exercises are done with one or two other people. We rotate practice partners with great respect and honoring for where your energy is at.

The Facilitators: Shakti Malan and Courtney Ward

Shakti Malan

Shakti is a dakini (teacher of the mystery traditions of Tantra) and member of the Advait Tantraschool ( She has a busy practice involving sessions, workshops, courses and retreats. Shakti is based in Cape Town and has been teaching internationally in the UK and the US. Her central approach is to enter the totality of experience as a gateway to awakening. Shakti believes that sexuality is the field which most powerfully directs us to this gateway. For more on her work, see and

Shakti is a woman who has always had a deep sense of calling, which first she explored in the development field working with township communities all across South Africa. Through this work she attained a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology, a discipline that teaches the practitioner to listen to the reality of groups and individuals from an insider perspective, through immersion in the texture of their lives.

Following from many years of devotion to meditation, tai chi, yoga and shamanic work, Shakti had a sudden and profound redirection of her energy into the field of Tantra. This started at the age of 33 with 18 months of death processing in the wilderness, and then a long period of intense work with the Advaita tradition of non-duality, as well as deep personal emotional processing.

Her style of teaching is influenced by Advaita teachings in general and specifically Advait Tantra, shamanism (most poignantly African shamanic traditions), systemic and processwork psychology, her intellectual training as a Social Anthropologist and also her work as a dance and movement teacher.

Courtney Ward The passionate owner of Halo Gaia Holistic Travel.

Courtney is essentially a performer in the great arts of the divine; she is a talented artist, actor and musician. Courtney is especially gifted in her spontaneous ability to apply her artistic gifts and musical talents in a group dynamic in aid of personal transformation and creativity. Courtney has been exploring the powerful use of sound vibration healing for the past 13 years. It has taken her on a journey of shamanic sound discovery that lies within the seed core of us all. For the past 10 years, Courtney has worked intensively with a pod of 250+ dolphins in Southern Mozambique as Halo Gaia's leading Dolphin Swim Facilitator. Through her intimate relations with the dolphins, her love of people and her exceptional musical skills, Courtney offers an extraordinary Dolphin Assisted Therapy program during our retreats. Her playful and spontaneous joy magnetically inspires and enthuse those around her.

Dolphins. For the past 10 years, Courtney has worked intensively with the pod of 250 + Inshore Bottlenose dolphins of Southern Mozambique, as Halo Gaia's leading Dolphin Swim Facilitator. Through her intimate relations with the dolphins, her love of people and her exceptional musical skills, Courtney offers an extraordinary Dolphin Assisted Therapy program during our retreats. Her playful and spontaneous joy magnetically inspires and enthuse those around her

RATE: R4200.00 per person



3 Nights SHARED accommodation in Safari two man tents on decking with bed linen

communal kitchen and bathroom facilities

Return 4x4 Transfers from border to camp ( 12km)

3 dolphin swims facilitated by Courtney Ward

Snorkeling course & Code of Conduct, Boat Safety and Dolphin sharing

Music program with Courtney Ward including Sound Journey and evening Drumming

Private gathering space for activities beautifully decorated with lanterns, mats and cushions … in real SURVIVOR STYLE!

Photographs of your Ocean experiences along with Dolphin diary “tail” of time shared

Shakti Malan’s facilitated program


All Meals & Drinks. There is a restaurant, self catering kitchen and bar in the camp


Snorkeling equipment (R75.00 per day or bring your own)

Visas (South Africans no longer need visas)

Gratuity for Mozambiquan cleaning staff and helping hands ( R50 + per person )

Halo Gaia Holistic Travel
Kate Ballenden Tel: +27 (0)11 447 8121 / Cell: +27 (0)82 307 0424 /

Halo Gaia Holistic Travel legally operates all
Dolphin Scenic Tours under the "Transporte Maritimo Commercial de Trafego local de Passageiros" license issued to Malongane for commercial dolphin launches in Southern Mozambique

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Tantric Practice for Men and Women

Tantric Practice
for men and women
by Shakti
Fish Hoek, Cape Town

Saturday 20 November 3 - 9 pm

Tantra is an ancient mystery tradition in which sexual energy is used as a force for spiritual awakening. This workshop is a practical introduction to the art of conscious sexuality. What we teach, draws on ancient mystery traditions but finds its expression in accessible modern idiom. The workshop is suitable for beginners and those of you who have been practicing for a while. This is also an opportunity to introduce friends of yours who have been curiously watching your unflolding. You can come on your own or with a partner. Numbers are limited and we aim to keep the amount of men and women equal. The workshop will not require nakedness.

Topics we will explore in practice:
  • Understanding the power of sexual energy/kundalini
  • How to build sexual energy
  • How to turn sexual energy into a force for the awakening of the undivided heart
  • Sexual energy as force for meditation
  • How to practice Tantra with the opposite gender


input and discussion
tantric partner meditations
breath work

This workshop is accessible for all sincere seekers of truth. Single people and couples are welcome.

Shakti Malan runs a full time practice as conscious sexuality teacher. She is based in Cape Town. Shakti has a Ph.D in social anthropology and has run retreats and workshops for more than a decade. See and
Cost: R600pp
Your place is reserved with proof of payment.

Dr. S. Malan
Standard Bank current account
Merriman Square branch (02-11-09-00)
Account number: 073152811

Come, beloveds, come!