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Friday, 31 December 2010

Coming up: 2011


As 2010 draws to an end, I reflect on the year past, and share with you my dreams for the year to come. This year past was a powerful leap in awareness and action for many of us. I spent 7 weeks teaching in the UK and the US, co-hosted the 2nd Annual African Conference for Sexuality and Consciousness Educators and co-taught on two powerful international training programs.

The Conference

The conference was a powerful and deeply moving event. Many students of the Advait Tantraschool were there. So many expressed wonderment to me that they could have even considered not coming. I highly recommend that you plan on coming next year, whether you are a practitioner or not. The presenters came from Africa, Nieu Zealand, Australia, America, the UK and Europe. They represented a wide array of professions. The quality of the presentations was outstanding. There was a depth of soul and experience at the conference that is highly unusual for any event of this kind.

My presentation at the conference was called Darkly Delicious: The Tantric Use of Shadow States. It is a reflection on some of the key learning that this year brought me. For your benefit, I have written it up: see

Exciting news is that youtube clips of some presentations will appear on (the website for this conference) early in the new year. You will find links to some powerful presentations from last year on this site as well.

The new year in brief

In South Africa (see full details on Shakti's events page)

4 January: A day of Tantric Practice in Plettenberg Bay
9 January: I am off to India to visit Indian Mountain Retreat ( where I have been invited to run a 10 day retreat in 2012.
21 - 23 January: BlissDance celebration weekend in Stanford. BlissDance is an expression of Tantra in motion. All welcome.
10 - 13 March: Dolphin Love Tantra Retreat with Halo Gaia at Ponta Malangane, Mozambique. Come swim with dolphins and expore their essence through Tantric breathwork and movement
1 - 6 April: Breath of Life Breath of Love. Tantra and Breathwork retreat with breathwork Master Dan Brulé, Blue Butterfly Retreat Center Tulbach.
end April: Wild Woman Skydancing three day retreat for women.

International teaching
(details to follow in another mail)
10 May - 15 June: teaching in the UK (London, Salisbury, Bristol and Brighton confirmed - some details up on
16 - 19 June: teaching in Moscow with Dan Brule
25 June - 27 July: Teaching in the USA: California, Portland, Seattle, possibly Hawaii
July 29-Aug 2: Teaching in BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan with Dan Brule


I am available for sessions again from 24 January. Session details can be found on


My gratitude to you all for your willingness to live your life with awareness and fully exposed to the power of love. May this journey go even deeper for us all in the year to come. Special gratitude to my dear colleagues and associates for the year past - in particular Stephen Tredrea (see, Wendy Brown and Rahasya (, Sharon Devantier, Annwen Mazetti, Uta Demonsis (, Babadez Nicols (, Dan Brule (, Natasha Troussova and all the dear friends who have kept me sane and laughing. Thank you also to Adrienne for spending your last year on earth making us all laugh and feel and experience the wild spontaneity of your being. May you rest in peace.

Shakti blessings to you on 2011.


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