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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Tantric Meditation Retreat

Lotus Garden Retreat Centre, Knysna
28 - 31 October

There are two levels of Tantric work in my practice; the aspects that focus on clearing and integrating the unconscious (such as erotic work) and the aspects that have to do with pure immersion in presence. Our sexual energy can take us to a deeply meditative presence if we are ready and open. This retreat focuses on the latter - the blissful meditation of Tantra.

Those of you who have known me for a while know that I have a deep love for the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. This is a short delicious text inspired by Devi, who asks her beloved Shiva the deep questions of life. He answers by giving 112 meditations, which he presents as the summary of all meditations. Practicing any one of these meditations can be enough to take the meditator to full awakening. I have long had a dream of running a retreat just on these meditations - and the time has come.

So come join me for a long weekend of deep immersion on active meditations. These meditations capture the essence of Tantric meditation practice. Here are some examples:

10. " While being caressed, sweet princess, enter the caress as everlasting life".

16. "Blessed One, as senses are absorbed in the Heart, reach the center of the lotus".

57. " In moods of extreme desire be undisturbed".

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is suitable for all sincere seekers of truth. You can come on your own or as a couple.

The venue

The Osho Neo Monastery is a unique forest venue constructed and managed by people who glow with the light of awareness. Accommodation is provided in A-frame wooden huts lovingly made by the owner. The gathering hall rises up out of the forest and opens up to it on all sides. This is a back-to-nature weekend, the best way to get back into our natural sexuality - with manually heated showers, candles and fires. Food is vegetarian and always exquisite.

Cost and bookings

Cost, including meals and accommodation, is R3 100 pp.
Book with Shakti:
Book if you are interested; the venue is cozy and small.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Breathwork & Tantra Retreat
Diving Deep - Flying High
Dan Brulé & Shakti Malan
7 - 9/11 October 2011
Bodhi Khaya, Stanford

Both Breathwork and Tantra poses this question: How much bliss can you stand? And as we explore this question experientially, we discover something fascinating: Our capacity to feel is our capacity to feel. The more we open to whatever feelings and sensations present themselves in this moment - the more we become willing to dive deep into what is here right now - the higher we can fly into the bliss of undivided presence. We will be using these two threads (tantra and breathwork) to more freely express our essential nature and to more fully embody our higher self.

There are two energies running through your body that can profoundly transform your access to life and love:

• Breath, prana or Chi; and
• Kundalini, or sexual energy

We have prepared four delicious days at Bhodi Khaya - a sanctuary in the spectacular Overberg region of the Western Cape, only a 2 hour drive out of Cape Town, for you to come and immerse yourself in the beauty and perfection of your own being.

The breath is the most intimate touch of existence. This first beloved caresses us from the inside, all the time, and yet we hardly notice its presence. Most of us have hardly begun to explore the power of the breath as a tool to deepen our intimacy with ourselves, with another and with existence as such. There is so much more capacity for aliveness in us, right here in our bodies - if we open up more deeply to the breath.

In this workshop, we will bring together the best of two mystery traditions - Tantra and Breathwork - to assist you in opening to the wonder that is right inside you.

On this workshop, you will discover how to:

breathe more deeply into the different dimensions of your body
open to the sensual, rhythmic flow of the breath
drop beyond the mind, into the mind blowing transformational power of the breath
share breathwork with a partner through tantric meditations
bring the power of the breath more strongly into your moving, dancing active life
follow the thread of the breath to its source

Powerful physical, emotional and psychological healing happens spontaneously as a result of spiritual breathing. When we awaken to the energy within us, we merge with the energy around us - and vice versa. When we melt into the energy that surrounds us, we fall into the energy that is at our core...

The surface area of our lungs: if we were to stretch it out and measure it - it would fill one side of a tennis court! That means more of the world comes into intimate contact with us
with each breath - more than we could possibly touch with our hands or wrap our arms around.

And when we breathe... the essence of who we are flows out into the world to mix and merge with everyone and everything. It is lovely to hold a philosophy about oneness, connection, etc.
it is quite another to have a direct biological, an unmistakable cellular experience of divine energy!

"The breath is like a thread... and you can follow that thread to your source."

About Breathwork

Breathwork is the use of breath awareness and conscious breathing exercises, techniques and meditations meant to clear your head, settle your stomach, calm your nerves, and open your heart. We use the breath as a bridge, a force and a tool for health, growth and change in spirit, mind and body. Our style of breathwork is called Spiritual Breathing. It engages every level of your being in the simple natural moment to moment process of breathing. As you become more conscious of your breathing, you become more conscious in general. As you become more aware of your breath, you become more aware, period. Awareness is the key to liberation!

About Tantra

Tantra is an ancient mystery tradition that regards all aspects of our experience, including our sexuality, as a gateway to our awakening. Only when a meditator or a monk was deemed ready by his master would he be introduced to the secret practices of Tantra. When the celibate monk got introduced to the Dakini, a woman who embodies the sacred power of female sexuality, this confrontation with taboo would instantly shatter his spiritual ego and give him an opportunity right there to wake up. She would then initiate him into the sacred sexual mystery practices.

The world is ready to wake up, and is waiting for seekers like you who are willing to face your deepest desires and fears. As a leader of the Advait Tantra school, Shakti has adapted the mystery practices to be accessible for the modern world. It is possible to encounter the touch of the Dakini without any nakedness or even physical touch being required. As we learn to open to the flow of breath, sensuality and kundalini in our own bodies, this energy starts to emanate from us, to bless, uplift, and awaken whoever we meet.

Breath and Tantra coming together

Imagine taking this beautiful awareness of the breath into relationships. Imagine consciously breathing with your beloved. Imagine making your sexual intimate life a space for awakening to happen, through the breath. This is what we will be extending the breath work into this time.

Expect naked hearts rather than naked bodies.

Expect people breathing together in loving support, rather than any overt sexual activity.

Expect a deep embracing of yourself, and a dropping of the false protections that keep us from being able to meet another in truth.

Expect to discover more about your essential impulse rather than pressure to participate in experiences you are not comfortable with.

We have found that many seekers of truth have done deep work in all areas of their lives except their sexuality. And yet our sexuality is such a potent gateway to consciousness!

What if we could use this tremendous power of the breath to break through into deep, unconditional loving?

For more information about Dan Brulé visit

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Facilitation Fee is R4500
Food - 3 x fully catered vegetarian meals per day - R480
Accommodation between R600 & R1200 depending on sharing option selected

Weekend only option: R2 800 facilitation fee
Bodhi Khaya Retreat

7 - 10th October 2011

For bookings and all enquiries, contact Rhianne on 0836791297 or