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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Water Rebirthing and Waterbliss

Water Rebirthing and WaterBliss

with Dan Brule and Shakti Malan

4 - 7 May 2012, Bot River

Warm water rebirthing

Warm water rebirthing is an exploration of rebirthing in warm water. Dan says about this modality:

"After some preparation and processing, you will find yourself floating in warm water, using the connected breathing rhythm while being lovingly supported by two people. The process accesses "womb consciousness" and awakens unity consciousness, restoring direct conscious connection to Source, Essence...

Water rebirthing facilitators accessing memories of being in the womb and the world (sometimes past
lives) that we took on as pure innocent open beings...
reviewing programs that were downloaded directly into the subconscious mind...
recognizing that these early impressions control and limit us from the unconscious level...
realizing that what our mother thought and felt, feared and believed, dreamed and desired...
these were taken on as "ours"...

The process facilitates the remembering or these early primal impressions and events, re-living them and 
re-programming them to empower and liberate us... to more fully embody our divine nature and more fully express our purpose and ultimate potential...


Waterbliss is an expression of BlissDance, a movement and expression space created by Shakti for the embodied exploration of Tantric principles. WaterBliss takes place in warm water and enhances two elements of BlissDance: the ecstatic playfulness of letting joy be felt in the body, and the deep letting go that the water element facilitates."


Waterbliss is a dance and movement modality that is about

exploring weight and suspension

trusting and letting go while being held in the collective womb of humanity represented by the group

exploring and finding freedom in movement assisted by your fellow dancers and the effect of the water on suspension of gravity

embodying dolphin energy - the deeply intelligent playfulness of the soul set free from the weight of our stories and identifications

experiencing what it is like to live in a different element - to be surrounded by water rather than air

shapeshifting - the water element supports you in experiencing the shape of your body differently

liquidity and fluidity

the oceanic experience of boundless oneness with all of existence

dissolving body armoring - the historical emotional protections that keep us from feeling

developing kinesthetic intelligence and surrendering into presence

resting in pure love, a deep purification of your being, and a return to innocence

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Cost: R4 500 pp sharing, includes meals and accommodation.

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