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Monday, 11 June 2012

Shakti's events in Paris 19 - 25 June 2012

Venue exceptionnelle de Shakti Malan à Paris
Du 19 au 25 juin 2012
Shakti, titulaire d’un doctorat en anthropologie sociale, est un dakini, enseignante des mystères de Tantra. Shakti est basée à Cape Town, en Afrique du Sud, mais enseigne à travers le monde. Elle enseigne avec Dan Brulé en Afrique du Sud et à Moscou. Son approche centrale est d'intégrer l'expérience dans sa totalité comme une passerelle à l’éveil, elle accompagne des femmes souffrant de traumatismes sexuels.
Mercredi 20 : Conférence « La Thérapie intégrale » + Bliss dance ( 40 )
accueil à 19h00 au 6 rue Lavoisier, code par tél métro Robespierre Mer 20/jeu 21/lun 25 mat : séances individuelles
Durée 2h en individuel et 3h en couple (rv uniquement par tél) Montreuil (Métro Robespierre)...+ Mardi 19 juin
Samedi 23 : L’éveil de la Sexualité féminine
Dimanche 24 : ouvert à tous “Le souffle intime” ( Souffle et Tantra) Samedi et dimanche ( 10 à 18h), rue vauthier, métro Boulogne Jean-Jaurès :
Participation : 100 € /jour jusqu’au 9 juin (après 115 €)
Shakti introducing Totality Therapy short testimonial by a participant 51D6D07AB2DB Releasing Sexual trauma
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Sexual Awakening for Women
Dr Shakti Mari Malan
Paris, France
23 June, 2012

Female sexual energy has a unique quality that is little understood in our world today. Though the practices you will work through in these two day workshops, and the transmission that Shakti provides, women can begin to taste again, and deeply enjoy, the bliss of female sexual energy. This is a journey within, an opening to embodied bliss from the inside out. That opening ripples through the body as a deep relaxation and an ecstatic aliveness. Shakti believes that female sexual energy is a gateway to spiritual awakening. It is the feminine, though her receptivity, that can lead the masculine into the unknown, the mystery, that which is beyond the ego-mind.

In opening fully to the flow of our sexual energy, we need to let go of old patterns that no longer serve us. Examples are

  • sexual beliefs and attitudes held in our ancestral lineages
  • attitudes we carry towards our body and sexuality
  • the virgin/whore split in women's psyches and
  • patterns that cause us to suppress the power of our womanness.

Through creative practices, movement and breath work, Shakti will guide the women through the release of what no longer serves us, and an opening to the true power of female sexuality.

This is a pure celebration of female sexuality. Through breath work, movement, dance and embodied meditation, we will connect deeply to our female sexual essence and allow that to move through our bodies. Skydancer is the literal translation for dakini, the Tibetan Tantric terms for the feminine principle. When woman's sexual energy wakes up, it dances through our bodies and into the infinite, ecstatic sky.

The presenter, Shakti Mari Malan

Shakti Mari has a profound passion for the feminine, and she believes that the awakening of female sexual energy is a key to the spiritual awakening of the world in our day. She has been facilitating the discovery of female sexual energy to hundreds of women over the last decade. Shakti is a dakini, or initiated female teacher of the Tantric mysteries, and a member of the Advait Tantraschool ( Shakti is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and has a thriving international practice. For more on her work and schedule, see and Shakti holds a Ph.D. (UCT) in Social Anthropology.

Bookings and inquiries with Kathy:
+33 620 564 521 

Intimate Breath 
a Tantric breath workshop for men and women
Paris, France
24 June 2012
with Shakti Mari Malan (Ph.D)

The breath is the most intimate touch of existence. This first beloved caresses us from the inside, all the time, and yet we hardly notice its presence. Most of us have hardly begun to explore the power of the breath as a tool to deepen our intimacy with ourselves, with another and with existence as such. There is so much more capacity for aliveness in us, right here in our bodies - if we open up more deeply to the breath.

Both Breathwork and Tantra poses this question: How much bliss can you stand? And as we explore this question experientially, we discover something fascinating: Our capacity to feel is our capacity to feel. The more we open to whatever feelings and sensations present themselves in this moment - the more we become willing to dive deep into what is here right now - the higher we can fly into the bliss of undivided presence.

On this workshop, you will discover how to:

breathe more deeply into the different dimensions of your body
open to the sensual, rhythmic flow of the breath
drop beyond the mind, into the mind blowing transformational power of the breath
share breathwork with a partner through tantric meditations
bring the power of the breath more strongly into your moving, dancing active life
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19 June 2012

is the balance that happens
When we fully embrace
Both our shadow and our light
And come to rest
In love

Blissdance is an expression of Tantra, the art of integrating the sacred and sexual, and using this as a force for awakening. In a Blissdance session, you explore your inner and outer worlds through movement and stillness, music and silence. The dance is free and not stylized, though guided by me through the progression of a theme. I introduce the dance, show you how I interpret it, and then you find our own response.

Blissdance draws on the wisdom of Biodanza and various other dance,movement and meditation traditions.

One of the first principles of Tantra is presence – being present in the here and now, in your body, in your senses. Another is the connection between our passion, our sexuality and our hearts. Blissdance is a space where you can come rest into the simple beauty of moving in a body, with other bodies, in the dance of life.

As this happens, you get to experience and confront some of the patterns that keep us from being intimate with life:

Body armoring: We hold our bodies rigid in an attempt to protect ourselves from feeling too much - or feeling what we have been suppressing. Sometimes that is laughter or ecstasy, sometimes that is sadness. fear or anger. All these states are welcome in the dance.

Associations: Over a lifetime of suppessions, we have started to build up meaning through associations. When someone touches you, what does it mean to you? When you enjoy the touch, what fears come up? Do they relate to past experiences or future projections? In BlissDance, these subconscious processes will become conscious for you. In awareness lies the liberation.

One of the keys of BlissDance is that the dance moves you out of your habits and stuck ways. We act out some of the drama's of everyday life - like having a couple's fight - but do that in a conscious way, as a celebration of the body, and as an act of freedom. In doing that, something gives way, more space gets created, and we can celebrate our freedom more. Sometimes I use ancient shamanic techniques to help shake up the nervous system so that you can slip into this moment with no mind. Sometimes we dance wild and crazy with little structure and limitation, to let that energy be expressed and accessed in the body. Eventually, as Rumi says:

something opens up
I taste only sacredness

The moment softens. We get to feel everything intimately. We welcome what is, no longer resist, and in that we can meet the beloved, in the dance, in this moment. In the first place, that beloved is my very own being. Then I can meet him/her in the other, the group, my life, existence.

BlissDance is for those who are yearning for presence, freedom and truth. It is for the brave spiritual warriors who are not scared to dance their ridiculousness and to let their vulnerability be felt in the dance as well.

All it takes is a little willingness. The music, the facilitation and the group will carry you along into what you really want: A deep opening into this present precious moment.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Totality Therapy 

10-Day Intensive Training

  with Shakti Malan (Ph.D.)

29 September – 8 October 2012
Sebastopol, California

What is Totality Therapy?

Please read the full description of this method on the website:

Click below to see video footage:

Shakti Introducing Totality Therapy

Totality Therapy is a contemporary, streamlined interpretation of the ancient wisdom of Advaita* Tantra. It was developed and is taught by Dr Shakti Malan. Totality Therapy uses the method of total immersion in experience while evoking a strong witness presence within. Through experiencing primary polarities such as fear and desire, good and bad, masculine and feminine with intentional depth and thoroughness, we get to break through the polarized gridlocks of our existing ego structure.
* Advaita means ‘that which is beyond duality’.For more on this approach, see my school’s and

Training Themes

In this residential we will explore in-depth the seven basic themes of Totality Therapy:
  1. Lifting taboos and suppressions (facing fears) through
  • Exploring your own sexual boundaries
  • Touching cellular memories
2. Embracing fantasies and desires through
  •  Articulating fantasies and desires
  • Experiencing what has been desired
3. Integrating polarities through
  • Processing polarized ego states
  • Developing a witness
  • Expanding heart capacity through
  • Experiencing and integrating emotions
  • Opening the heart
4. Developing presence in the body through
  • Releasing body armoring
  • Breath awareness
  • Sensory awareness
  • Nervous system re-patterning
5. Male-female integration through
  • Identifying the inner relationship
  • Clearing external relationships
6. Meditation in the moment through
  • Tantric meditation practice
  • Sexual chi kung
  • Subtle erotic experience


The methods that we will be using on this training include:
  • Enactments to solicit and integrate unconscious materials
  • Gestalt role play
  • Breathwork, movement, sound and gesturing
  • BlissDance
  • Group discussions and presentations by facilitators
  • Subtle body awareness practices
  • Bodily and energetic transmission
  • Precise meeting of nervous system response by the facilitators to facilitate integration and awakening
  • Shamanic tracking of the group spirit 

Residential training

The ten day residential retreat gives participants time for
a deep immersion in the material of Totality in the field
and with the support of Shakti and her assistants. This
time will support each individual into a deep meeting
with and unwinding of unconscious sexual materials, and
an awakening of our sacred sexual essence. Shakti is an
initiated dakini and her presence transmits a field that can
radically speed up the process of awakening consciousness
in our sexuality. The residential nature of the event also
gives participants an opportunity to connect and support
each other deeply through all the phases of the day.

Who is the training for?

This training is for people who are serious about waking
up to the truth of who we are, this lifetime. The methods
require total commitment and presence from participants,
and the willingness to have stuck ego patterns radically
opened up and expanded. The training runs parallel to
a longer practitioner training but by no means requires
participation in that program. The ten day training is meant
for you, as an immersion in the processes and learnings that
wake you up. All you have to bring to others, as person or as
facilitator, is yourself, in the state of consciousness that you
are able to occupy. Participation to this event will be limited
to 21 people (including support staff) and participants will
be evaluated for readiness.

About Shakti Mari Malan (Ph.D)

Shakti is an initiated Dakini or teacher of the ancient
mystical practices of Tantra, the art of sacred sexuality. She
is a member of the Advait Tantraschool (,
is based in South Africa and teaches internationally. Shakti
has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology, which contributed to
her capacity to facilitate awakening in groups. Shakti is the
author of Sexual Awakening for Women: A Tantric Workbook,
the designer of BlissDance, a movement form that releases
body armoring, and runs a 14 month practitioners training

in Totality Therapy. For more on her work, see

Cost, Inquiries and Bookings

The total cost of the course, including all meals and basic accommodation, is $2150
For inquiries and applications, please contact Robyn Lynn: