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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sexual Somatic Facilitation Training and Intensive

Sexual Somatic Facilitation Training and Intensive
  with Shakti Malan (Ph.D.)
27 April – 6 May 2013
Spirit House Woodacre, California, USA
 The Training and Intensive
The Sexual Somatic Facilitation Training Intensive is for all who are, or wish to, work with sexual energy as a force for embodied awakening. This event is open to those who wish to work with this material professionally and those who wish to undergo the experience for their own personal evolution. The training is somatically oriented, in that the focus is no how to use in, through and with sexuality in the body (soma). Sexuality in its broadest sense is the embodiment of consciousness, and our direction in working with eros (or the body’s sexual response) is towards a fuller realization of this potential. Shakti works with sexual energy as a force for awakening to the realization of who we truly are in our deepest spiritual essence as man and woman.
Focus areas
During the training, Shakti will mentor you into 1) understanding sexual somatics and 2) facilitating sexual somatic presence.
1) Sexual somatics
·      Sexual somatic facilitation training teaches you how to work with the body/soma on several levels, including the following:
·      Understanding the autonomic nervous system, how it responds to trauma and suppression, and how to release it into its natural, healthy flow
·      Reading and working with body armoring as it manifests in skin tone, numbness in the body, oversensitivity, etc.
·      Working with the subtle energetics (nadi’s and chakra system) of the erotic body and opening up the flow here
2) Facilitation training
For those who work in this area, this training is a contribution to your professional skills in private (one on one or couples) sessions. For those who wish to attend the training for their own evolution, the facilitation component will deepen your inner learning and your capacity to be a witness to your own process. The facilitation training will include the following:
  • ·      An introduction to the ongoing work required to make you a worthy vessel as facilitator
  • ·      Lessons in how to love and embody consciousness without reserve
  • ·      Practices for maintaining deep presence and centeredness in your own body during sessions
  • ·      Practice in developing deep unity with the client, and the capacity to “feel” them from inside you
  • ·      Practice in reading the body on all the levels mentioned in 1)
  • ·      Practice in catalyzing the body into greater love and awareness on all the levels mentioned in 1), and intuiting just how much is enough.
3) Intensive
Come on this journey if you are in for the full ride of feeling everything and waking up to the truth of who you are. Although the work can be subtle, there is a reason why it is called an intensive. The training requires the willingness to be total in your own surrender to truth and love, and it will be personally demanding on these levels. The training is not accredited to any government institution.


This training and intensive is somatically/body oriented. We work with the subconscious as it expresses through the body, but mostly you can expect practices that involve your body - through feeling of the gross body/ body armorning, the subtle body, the erotic body, the emotional body. The work will include:
  • Theoretical (but not academic) input by Shakti
  • Ethnographic fieldwork
  • Practical case studies in which participants act as clients and facilitators
  • Meditation and awareness practices focused on deepening facilitation skills
The training will take place at Spirit House in Woodacre, California, a beautiful, simple but elegantly furnished venue in nature. Accommodation is shared and comfortable. See
Cost: $2 500pp for bookings settled in full before 27 March 2013, $2 800 for later bookings. Cost includes training, accommodation and meals. Places are limited. $800 deposit is required to ensure your place. 
Bookings and inquiries with Robyn Lynn:
About Shakti Malan
Shakti Malan has a well-established international practice as sexual somatic facilitator in private sessions, in mentoring practitioners and in facilitating group sexual somatic awareness practices. She has a deep understanding of the subtle sexual body, how to work with sexual trauma, how to release energy held in the sexual unconscious (including suppressed sexual energy and energy held in fantasy or eroticism), and accessing the essential flow of male and female sexual energy. Shakti has a Ph.D.(UCT) in Social Anthropology and is the author of Sexual Awakening for Women: A Tantric Workbook. She runs a multi-year online training for practitioners who wish to apprentice with her, and this course is a component of that training. (It is however open to practitioners who are not doing the training). For more on her work, see and; also footage on youtube (e.g. this one on sexual trauma).