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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Bernie Prior retreat 19 - 25 September 2013

The Form-Reality Practice™ taught over six extraordinary days!

An invitation to change the course of your life and intimacy from the ordinary to the extraordinary! Through real inquiry, explore the core of your innermost Heart and align with its highest purpose.

Bernie Prior is a Master and Evolutionary Visionary who speaks from a pure and fully opened heart, whilst powerfully engaging students in the discovery of One’s True Self.  He speaks uniquely of the divine nature of the Masculine and Feminine Principles and the higher potential of their union within intimacy. Retreats with Bernie are a profound transmission of Realized Consciousness and a life changing invitation to truly come home to your Real Self, becoming a Co-Creator of a New Humanity.

Over six extraordinary days, learn The Form Reality Practice™, , a movement practice and instrument of the Authentic Self, evolving masculine and feminine consciousness to manifest great love on this earth. The Form Reality Practice™ “holds the walk” of the evolving individual.Students practicing the Form enter a profound relationship with the Heart as the door to Source and therefore enter a multi-dimensional relationship with Universal Life, discovering a heart space that has no reserve, in that everything is fully given.

This will be a powerful Intensive covering every aspect of Life, Love, Truth and Creativity. Discover ever increasing new abilities as consciousness to open to the depths of who you really are, enabling that here on this earth.

“I call for deep connection with the true source of life, as our selves. I call for a New
Man, a New Woman, a New Humanity, to awaken to the power of Real Love,
Truth, beauty and wonder, as one’s Real Self.”  Bernie

“We have to be on our knees and bow down in our hearts to all other hearts and to every life experience,  bowing down as Primal Consciousness, that, that we truly are. This awakens a transformative power that naturally begins to move and manifest new life. This IS what we are about as human beings; this is most definitely what The Form is about …”

Through The Form Reality Practice™ you will:
  • Learn how to sustain the cutting edge of loving sincerity within your evolutionary journey.

  • Begin to see how Source as the “Real You” moves, how the Mystery unfolds and bring this alive in every moment!

  • Truly evolve your consciousness and all its forms, discovering the ability to create as the Real You; Conscious Awareness.

  • Contribute to the creation of a new self, enabling higher consciousness to manifest a New Humanity.

“The practice of the Form is an amazing, powerful reflection of where I am in my life as well as a great tool to bring more awareness to what is, and to learn to move with true and honest surrender to the deepest core of my being, my heart.” Mouna - New Zealand

“Since the retreat I live as the recipient of a hurricane of Grace, I am in a new place of meeting Truth, with much appreciation.” Debbie - Australia

“Imagine God and your best friend teaming up and giving everything! That’s how I experience Bernie’s Teaching.” Brad - USA

 Facilitation and meals:
Early Bird (ends 31 Aug 2013) R 5500
Full Price R 6250
Accommodation at Bodhi Khaya: R1 200 - R1 800. Book accommodation with Rhianne:

The Retreat Venue:
Bodhi Khaya Retreat, Gansbaai

Local Contact: Rhianne 0836 791 297

Email Contact: