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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Awakening the Subtle Sexual Body
an introductory evening

Monday 6th January 2014
6 -10pm

What is the Subtle Sexual Body?

The Subtle Sexual Body is what opens in us when we take sex to the next level of consciousness, and the next level of awareness. 
Subtle body sexuality is not inspired by the thoughts that come from our conditioned mind. It comes from holding a space of vast clarity, stillness and presence - the true masculine. 
When this clarity penetrates into our sexuality, we enter into the mystery of the Subtle Sexual Body. We awaken to that which is beyond the body of excitement and titilation. 
We fall into the Body of Bliss. We experience sensation, love and awareness on exquisitely fine levels. From being based purely in the genitals, sexual energy now starts to awaken our entire body.  
From there, our sexual energy moves into the various levels of our energetic body. 
Ultimately, we experience a union with the Beloved in all of life.

On this workshop you will:

On this workshop you will:

Get introduced to Subtle Body Sexuality
Be guided in subtle movement practices to open your awareness of the subtle sexual body.

This is an experiential workshop!

The learning on this workshop will happen through:

  • subtle movement, sounding and breath work practice
  • guided meditations, contemplation and visualization
  • subtle body energy work

  • Shakti will introduce the work that she will be covering on the 10 day Intensive Retreat & Facilitators Training she is offering at Bodhi Khaya, Stanford, 16th - 25th May 2014.

    All methods used during this workshop do not require nakedness and are deeply respectful of your personal and relational boundaries.
    This workshop is suitable for all sincere seekers of truth of any gender or orientation, single or partnered. Men, Women and Couples. You do not need a partner to attend

    VENUE: Rondebosch, Cape Town
    DATE: Monday 6 January
    TIME: 6 - 10 pm
    COST: R300

    Bookings and inquiries with

    Copies of Sexual Awakening for Women will be on sale @ R250 per copy

    Get your copies signed!



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