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Monday, 26 May 2014

Conscious Sexuality for Couples Califonia 10 - 12 October 2014

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Conscious Sexuality for Couples

Retreat Intensive with Shakti Malan, Ph.D

Waking Up as Couples

Oct 10, 11, 12 at a private home in Marin County CA
Couples who are in a committed sexual relationship face unique challenges and opportunities. When the couple’s shared focus is on higher realization of truth and love, this accelerates the process of awakening on every level, including sexually.


What is sexual awakening?

Sex as we know it in the world is at best a fun encounter with a short lifespan that is seldom really profound. This is so for three reasons:
1. We have forgotten who we are. We have become identified with our personalities and our experiences and don’t realize that we are consciousness embodied. We are Gods and Goddesses wrapped in flesh.
2. We have not been taught what sex is for. In our culture and in our ancestry, sex has come to only serve our superficial wants and needs and our obligations. The true purpose of sex is to merge the masculine and feminine in us and to realize divine bliss and profound truth, in our bodies.
3. We have not been taught how to make love. A society that shuns sex, or objectifies it, does not know how to make love. When sex becomes making love, the dance of sexual union turns into an alchemy of mutual awakening. There is an art to making love – and it is time to immerse ourselves in that art.
It is time to awaken our sexuality. By this I mean
• Activate our sexual energy from its sleep state to become a continuous flow of vital life force
• Refine our sexual energy by infusing it with consciousness. When this happens, sexual energy becomes Kundalini or higher frequency sexual energy that vastly expands our sense of our physical body and catalyzes deeper levels of spiritual awakening.
• Learn to direct our sexual energy. We have been conditioned to believe that orgasm and ejaculation is the same thing, and that orgasm is a release through the genitals. It is possible to open to orgasmic sexual energy and to direct it through the subtle energy body, all the way to the crown of the head, filling your whole being with orgasmic energy.
Awakening sexual energy
The aliveness of your sexual energy does not need to depend on whether you are ‘turned on’ in the moment. There are secret sexual gateways in the subtle body that can be activated with awareness and subtle movement. I will introduce you to these gateways and give you practices to access and open these gateways.
Activating masculine and feminine principles
In lovemaking, the highest principles of the masculine are presence, stillness and consciousness. We will cultivate these qualities through embodied awareness practices. The highest feminine principles are profound love and receptivity in heart and body. We will use partner bodywork (including body de-armoring) and movement to awaken these qualities.
Riding the waves of sexual energy
When we bring higher consciousness into our sexuality, we can develop control over the flow of our sexual energy. This means that the time we are able to make love can be significantly extended and the experience of sexual union can be taken to unprecedented states of orgasmic bliss. Learn how to attune to the flow of sexual energy in your own body and that of your partner. Wen we learn how to ride the sexual energy like waves, we can go to ever increasing heights without being ‘dumped’ by an unexpected ejaculatory orgasm or loss of arousal.
I will teach you how to use breath, attunement and pacing of movement to begin mastery of the waves.
Tantric partner practices
On this workshop, I intend to impart to you my contemporary interpretation of sexual partner practices from the ancient Tantric traditions of India and Tibet.  Most of the practices take place in a traditional position called Yub Yum, where the woman is sitting on the man’s lap with her legs wrapped around him. Once the principle is understood, the practices can be used in any sexual position. The practices make use of breath, sound and movement to activate awakened sexual energy and to circulate it between the partners. These practices include:
• accelerate the awakening of sexual energy
• create a strong energetic connection between sex and heart
• circulate orgasmic energy through the body
• bring the couple together in ecstatic union
• infuse the couple with vast stillness and presence
October 10, 11, 12  2014 
At a private home in Marin County, CA.

$395 per person
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